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MFC LOW NAIL CLINCHER (103114116MFC76786776-0G)
The MFC Low Nail Clincher is made for all regular horses. They are made from stainless steel handles with a H-13 clinch head.
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MFC HIGH NAIL CLINCHER (103114116MFC72786776-0H)
MFC High Nail Clincher is made for Draft Horses. Made from stainless steel handles with a H-13 Clinch Head.
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This clincher has been designed for the thoroughbred industry. The power of the clench is more subtle to reduce the pressure on the wall of the foot. It is well suited to lower clenches. The handles are ergonomically designed half round and fit the palm of the hand well. As with all Jim Blurton tools style and comfort are paramount
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The Diamond Clincher is designed to roll over high and low nails. Downward push with rolling action clinches nail.
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For use on larger nails in saddle horse hoofs Forged from high quality steel Button rivet construction.
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Diamond Clinch Block (103114116DMND67667675-0N)
The Diamond Clinch Block is made of solid steel and is used for clinching and seating nails
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GE CURVED JAW CLINCHERS (103114116DGE67828668-0Q)
The GE Curved Jaw (or Saddle Horse) is an all-round clincher for everyday use. Made from chrome molybdenum steel, the teeth are heat-treated to hold their bite longer under heavy use.
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