Hoof Repair

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Keratex Hoof Putty
KERATEX HOOF PUTTY 200 GM (122120122KX75828488-PTTY200)
Seals and stabilizes hoof cavities caused by seedy toe, white line disease and other hoof conditions resulting in horn separation. Prevents grit and stones from entering the hoof.
SBS CRACK FILLER KIT (122120122SBS67757076-KIT01)
The SBS Crack Filler Kit contains: two resealable 1 oz. tubes and reinforcing mesh. Cures in minutes, easily rasped.
VETRAP BANDAGING TAPE (122120122UNB86848280-BT01)
Lightweight, non-absorbent, cool, and comfortable, this tape stretches and sticks to itself. Vetrap will not stick to your horses hair so it is a breeze to take off. Provides an excellent pressure bandage without cutting off circulation and allows the skin to breathe.
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